The aim of the Biomechanical assessment is to identify any malalignments by means of detailed measurements and tests.

Biomechanical Assessment, Gait Analysis and orthotics

Podiatry biomechanics deals with the structure and function of the foot and its relationship with the legs, hips and spine.

Most people have some degree of biomechanical abnormality, for which the foot can cleverly compensate.  However, it is often this compensating mechanism that may lead to the occurrence of injuries.

During activities, the feet are put under a great deal of stress, especially when the activity is done regularly for long periods of time.

Minor abnormalities may cause the foot to function abnormally.  For instance, the arch may become lower leaving the foot incapable of propelling the body forward efficiently.  Joints, muscles and tendons become unnecessarily strained, predisposing the body to various pathologies.

Repeated damage to the foot also has the potential to permanently alter the structure of the foot, resulting in deformities.

The aim of the Biomechanical assessment is to identify any malalignments by means of detailed measurements and tests.

A Gait analysis is also carried out, this involves observation whilst walking barefoot and in footwear.  This is recorded and analysed and you may also be required to walk/run on a treadmill.

These imbalances, no matter how minor can cause problems and we seek to correct them mechanically with a foot insole or orthotic.  An orthotic device improves the function of the foot.  Although they may look like an arch support they are much more complex.

Orthoses are designed specifically to the individuals needs, depending upon the type of activity, the type of injury and the structure of the foot.  They are custom made by prescription using information gained from your biomechanical assessment.   A cast is taken of the foot and the device is then created and angled accordingly.  The foot is then held in a more functional position during activity and therefore limits injury and pathology occurrence.

Most people will benefit from this service as our bodies did not evolve to walk on hard flat, man made surfaces…and here lies the problem.  The orthotic aims to provide the right function at the right time with the gait cycle relieving stress on joints, muscles and tendons.

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The detailed assessment will take approximately 1 and ½  hours.  This includes;

  • Gait analysis
  • Joint position, rotation and motion measurement
  • Leg length discrepancy analysis
  • Footwear assessment 


Assessment – £140.00

Orthoses – £160.00

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