Active Footcare can remove corns or callus painlessly and provide padding to relieve pressure. We can also make props or moulds to relieve pressure.

When we walk or stand, our body weight is carried first on the heel and then on the ball of the foot, where the skin is thicker to withstand the pressure.  When this pressure becomes intense, growths, in the form of corns or callus may appear.

Callus is usually symptomatic of an underlying problem, such as a bony deformity, inappropriate footwear or a particular style of walking.  Some people are also prone to htrprotective fatty tissue from their feet which predisposes the foot to increased pressure and hard skin build-up.

Corns always appear over a bony prominence, such as a joint. There are 5 different types of corn, the most common being hard and soft corns;

Hard Corns  These are the most common and appear as small concentrated areas of hard skin, up to the size of a pea and usually within a wider area of thickened skin or callus.  They can be symptoms of the feet or toes not functioning properly.

Soft Corns   These develops in a similar way to hard corns.  They are whitish and rubbery in texture and appear between toes, where the skin is moist with sweat or from inadequate drying.  A registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist will be able to reduce the bulk of the corn.  Astringents can be applied to reduce the moisture retention between the toes.

Seed Corns   These are tiny corns that tend to occur either singly or in clusters on the bottom of the foot, they are usually painless and caused by sheer and friction within the skin.

Vascular Corns  These will bleed profusely if cut and can be very painful.  They are usually long-standing in duration.

Fibrous Corns  These arise from corns that have been present for a long time.  They appear to be more firmly attached to the deeper tissues than any other corn.  They may also be painful.

Don’t cut corns yourself, especially if you are elderly or diabetic, and don’t use corn plasters or paints that can burn the healthy tissue around the corns.  Home remedies, such as lambswool around the toes, are potentially dangerous.  Commercially available ‘cures’ should only be used following professional advice.

What we can do?

We can remove corns or callus painlessly and provide padding to relieve pressure.  We can also make props or moulds to relieve pressure.  Insoles may help and we also sell a variety of products that may help for long-term relief.

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