The aim of the treatment is to permanently remove the ingrowing toe nail. This may be part (Partial Nail Avulsion) or whole (Total Nail Avulsion).


The treatment is NOT suitable for patients who have

  • Decreased immunity, such as those taking Steroids or Chemotherapy amongst other drugs.
  • Reduced Circulation
  • Reduced Sensation
  • Reduced healing
  • Diabetic Patients will be carefully examined for their suitability.

Aim of treatment

The aim of the treatment is to permanently remove the ingrowing toe-nail.  This may be part (Partial Nail Avulsion) or whole (Total Nail Avulsion).  This will depend on a number of factors including severity of condition, size of nail, condition of nail.  Your Podiatrist will discuss with you the best option and will explain the reasons behind that.

Success rate

The success rate is very high at over 97% successful. Some patients do not respond as well as others to the chemical (Phenol), which is applied to the nail matrix to prevent regrowth. If this happens, and the nail regrows, patients will be offered a 50% reduced rate for a repeat procedure.  Even in the case of regrowth it very often does not cause recurrence of the ingrowing toe-nail and is manageable with palliative care.

What is involved?

Initial consultation

 A thorough medical examination of patient suitability is carried out on the initial consultation and the patient will be required to give consent. The procedure will be fully explained and a letter written to the GP to ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate.

Day of Procedure

The procedure takes between 60-90 minutes. Patients MUST ensure that they have a lift home as they will be unable to drive. The procedure involves a digital block, an injection is given at the base of the affected toe.   The numbness will last for approximately 1.5 hours.

Once the toe/toes have been assessed by the Podiatrist to ensure that they are fully anaesthestised a tight elastic ring (Tournicot) is applied.  The nail/part of the nail to be removed is then loosened from the Eponychium (skin surrounding the nail plate), and the nail plate is lifted from the nail bed.  The offending nail/part of nail is removed and a Chemical (Phenol) is applied to the nail matrix, to destroy any nail cells, and to prevent any regrowth.  The Tournicot is then removed and a large sterile dressing applied. The patient must then rest for the next 24 hours, as this is the important initial healing stage. The dressing must be left clean, dry and intact until the next visit a few days later when the wound will be redressed with a much smaller dressing.  The patient will then be advised on daily dressings at home and the Podiatrist will review at week 2 and week 8.


  • Initial consultation, medical assessment and letter to GP –Included in cost
  • Nail Surgery Procedure (Partial or Total Avulsion)

1 Toe –  £200.00
2 Toes –  £280.00

  • Redress appointments at week 1, 2 and 8 –Included in cost
  • Dressings – a small initial dressing pack will be provided. Additional dressings will need to be purchased as needed.
  • Full Healing will take between 6-10 weeks.

Repeat Procedure if needed offered at a 50% reduced rate.