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How Stress Can Affect Your Feet

How Stress is Held in Your Feet

08 February, 2022

We all know the main parts of the body that hold stress. Most of us are aware that stress can be held in body parts such as your neck, hips, hands and as previously mentioned your back. People regularly visit masseuse’s to help them relieve the pressure that has companionate in knots in these body parts, however, less people are aware that stress can be held in your feet. 

As a well established supplier of high quality chiropody in Stoke-on-Trent, we care about all of your feet needs. It is because of this we would like to highlight some of the ways you can get stress in your feet and what you can do to combat and mitigate the potentially problematic effects.  

Dry Skin

During periods of prolonged stress, you might see a general increase in perspiration throughout your body which could lead to your skin becoming dry and dehydrated. Accompanying this is the fact that stress may weaken your natural skin barrier making it significantly harder for your body to retain water. 

Direct results of this include the development of rashes as well as different forms of acne. On other parts of your body, the dry skin can lead to hair loss and the formation of wrinkles. On your feet however, your skin might become flaky, sore and surprisingly your nails can become brittle.

Your nails might see a similar result as your hair does. Your nails might be thin and become brittle which no one wants especially after you have potentially spent hours on ensuring your nails are groomed accordingly. 

What you can do

If you are feeling dehydrated, you will want to ensure you drink plenty of water. It is recommended that men should drink around 4 litres of liquids a day whilst woman should drink just under 3. 

Additionally, you should moisturise your skin if your skin continues to be dry. Ensure the moisturising cream contains Aloe Vera as this has many other health and general skin benefits. 

Sweaty Feet

Following on from our previous point regarding increased period of perspiration during times of stress, your feet can quite easily become sweaty as a direct contrast to the above point. Whilst we might not want to mention it, sweaty feet can be very problematic. 

Apart from the fact that your feet can produce a less than pleasant odor, the warm moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot and various toenail fungus. 

What you can do

There are many ways you can combat sweaty feet. From more traditional methods such as changing your socks regularly and washing your feet thoroughly to less conventional techniques such as soaking your feet in black tea. 

General Aches and Pains 

This is probably the most common and recognisable symptom of stress being held in your feet. Aches, pains and other feelings of discomfort can make performing even the most mundane tasks a challenge and you would do well to avoid it. 

What you can do

There are many ways to stop yourself from feeling the horrible knots and pains in your feet. You can have a foot massage from a foot professional for example. 

If the problem is less stress related and more associated with your posture. At Active Footcare, we offer high quality Gait analysis in Stoke-on-Trent to ensure you are making the most of your range of movements and not enhancing any more annoying pains. 

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