What causes ingrowing toenails? Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur in both men and women and maybe more common in people with sweaty feet, such as teenagers. Older people may also be at increased risk because toenails thicken with age.

Possible Causes of Ingrowing Toenails

A number of things can cause ingrown toenails, such as –

  • Cutting toenails incorrectly such as cutting straight across, since angling the sides of the nail can encourage the nail to grow into the skin.
  • Irregular, curved toenails
  • Footwear that places a lot of pressure on the big toes, such as socks and stockings that are too tight or shoes that are too tight, narrow, or flat for your feet
  • Toenail injury, such as stubbing your toe, dropping something heavy on your foot or kicking a ball repeatedly
  • Poor posture
  • Improper foot hygiene, such as not keeping your feet clean or dry
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Using your feet extensively during athletic activities can make you especially prone to getting ingrown toenails. Activities in which you repeatedly kick an object or put pressure on your feet for long periods of time can cause toenail damage and increase your risk of ingrown toenails.

These activities include –

  • Ballet
  • Football
  • Kickboxing

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